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Recycling & Trash
For information on all trash serivces, please contact Valley Vista Services, Inc at (800) 442-6454 or go to

Holiday Trash Pick Up ScheduleValley Vista Services will be closed on the six holidays listed below. If your regular collection day falls on one of the holidays listed below, your collection will be picked up the next day (for example, trash scheduled to be picked up on Friday will be picked up on Saturday). Regular collections will occur on all other holidays not listed below.
  • Christmas Day – December 25
  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Memorial Day – Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day – July 4
  • Day – First Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday in November

Please call Valley Vista Services' customer service at (800) 442-6454 if you have any questions.

CHRISTMAS TREE RECYCLING: Christmas Tree Recycling

Do You Part By Recycling Your Christmas Tree
Walnut residents may easily recycle their live holiday trees by using the free Curbside Christmas Tree Recycling Program offered now directly through Valley Vista Services. Flocked or fire retardant trees will be accepted.
Between Friday, December 26, 2014 and Friday, January 9, 2015, Valley Vista Services will pick up your Christmas tree at curbside on your regular trash day; if you follow these rules:.
All trees must have the following items removed:
• Plastic or metal watering containers
• Plastic or metal stands
• Ornaments and other decorations
• The majority of Tinsel

After this special service has ended, trees placed out for pick up must fit into your regular green waste container (with the lid closed). Call Valley Vista Services at 800-442-6454 for more information.

AB 341 requires that local governments must implement, and businesses must comply with, a mandatory commercial solid waste recycling program, or its equivalent. On 12/14/11, the Walnut City Council adopted a Commercial and Construction Debris Processing Program with its exclusive franchise waste hauler, Valley Vista Services. This program is considered to be the equivalent of mandatory commercial recycling in that all solid waste generated by businesses, multifamily units and construction activities will be collected by Valley Vista Services, using existing trash enclosures and bins, and processed through a mixed waste materials recovery facility. This eliminates the need to modify existing bin enclosures to accommodate separate recycling bins and train employees on recycling requirements. As required by AB 341, the City and Valley Vista Services will track, monitor and report to the State on program effectiveness and diversion data.

Commercial businesses may choose to conduct their own source separation activities and either self-haul to a recycling center or contract for pick up with a source-specific recycling company. Such activities may enable businesses to reduce their solid waste trash collection costs by reducing their bin size(s) and/or frequency of trash pick up, It is an existing right of businesses to donate or sell their recyclable material. Valley Vista Services is available to help businesses start source separation activities.

Contact Numbers:
Valley Vista Services Recycling Coordinator:
(626) 855-5539

For more information on AB 341 and Mandatory Commercial Recycling, visit: CalRecycle
Walnut businesses may contact Valley Vista Serivce at 800-442-6454 for information on Commerical and Construction Material Recycling.

For Commerical Electronic Recycling, please contact the LA County Smart Business Recycling Program Resource Guide by calling 800-741-9236 or visiting

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